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  • CAVU Construction, in partnership with Roncelli Inc., is able to offer full spectrum construction management services that are unique to the industry.  Our team of former senior military leaders, who have spent their careers leading and directing complex organizations in peacetime and combat operations, blended with Roncelli’s five decades of diverse construction experience allows us to create unmatched value for our clients.  Our Small Business Administration approved Mentor Protege relationship with Roncelli Inc. allows our joint team to offer construction services as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business with the full resources, capability and bonding of a much larger firm.




We believe that one of the most important services a construction management firm can provide to an Owner is a professional and thorough constructability and design review program. We are keenly aware of the importance of full collaboration during the Pre-construction phase and the benefit, when fully leveraged; our expertise delivers to significantly reduce cost while improving schedule and project performance.We, in concert with the Owner and their design professional(s), are adept at starting with programming sketches, schematic drawings and preliminary work scope outlines to develop an efficient final design that incorporates not only line and function, but also all of the Owner’s primary project objectives utilizing the most efficient processes. Our pre-construction team of experienced professionals utilizes a diverse toolbox of instruments and metrics that aid in a superior pre-construction collaboration. These include the following:Collaborative Team Approach 3D BIM (Building Information Management) Design Specific Process Requirements Formal Procurement Strategies Trade Contractor Design-Assist Involvement Lessons Learned Targeted Cost Reduction Strategy Formal Value Analysis / Value Engineering (VA/VE) Lean Processes Performance Incentives The following are examples of utilizing two of the noted “tools” Lessons Learned and Cost Reduction.


Our corporate “Lessons Learned” database is accessible through our company intranet and provides ground floor knowledge memorialized by our experienced construction professionals from every past project in our diverse portfolio. This database provides the pre-construction team with access to the successes, and pitfalls, of the thousands of members of our construction family in a sort-able, efficient textbook of “do’s and don’ts” for every situation and project. This dynamic, continually updated database provides a means for reviewers to focus on areas and issues of concern, and includes items such as those, which have historically caused constructability problems, project delays, or cost overruns. These include:Critical Project Issues Equipment Requirements Production Issues Material Delivery Strategies Project Communications, Metrics and Reports


Attacking unwanted cost is critical in that it provides the client with a competitive advantage. The more efficient the end design, the greater the opportunity for the client to provide competitive products or services. The pre-construction phase allows the team to focus on driving out waste and unwanted cost throughout the design process. Cost reduction tactics often include the use of strategic, subject matter expert input, challenging programming requirements, brainstorming for options with regards to typical methods and the development of performance incentive models to exceed project expectations.


The quality and professionalism of our staff and extensive in-house resources is unmatched in our industry.  Our approach to construction involves collaboration, teamwork, trust and a shared vision for success with all of the members of the project’s construction team. The delivery may be varied, but the goals remain the same, the achievement of total project success.  We offer the following options for the delivery of a client’s construction project:

  • Construction Management at Risk: We hold the contracts for all subcontracted work, materials and special equipment.
  • Construction Management Agent: The client holds all contracts for all subcontracted work, materials and special equipment. We administers the contracts as the client’s agent.
  • Integrated Construction Management: The client, its Architect/Engineer and Roncelli sign a comprehensive integrated agreement. All share in clearly identified risk associated with the project.
  • General Contracting: We are the single point of contact for the construction of the project.
  • Design-Build: We are responsible for the design and construction of the project.
  • Build/Lease/Finance Options: Various development models are available to provide lease and finance options for the comprehensive, turn key delivery of the project.


The following options may be included within the framework of any of the project deliveries:

  • GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) Option
  • Cost Plus Fee (Fixed Fee or Percentage of Total Cost)
  • Lease Space Build Out
  • Unit Price
  • Time and Material


We typically self perform key tasks on projects to ensure the required pace of work is maintained to achieve project milestones goals and to provide an example of high quality workmanship to the project’s trade contractors.Our range of self performed capabilities include the following:

  • Select Demolition
  • Miscellaneous Excavation and Backfill
  • Concrete
  • Concrete Specialty Toppings and Sealants
  • Sub-Grade Thermal Protection
  • Sub-Grade Water Stops and Expansion Control
  • Rough Carpentry and Formwork
  • Barricades/Ramps/Guardrails
  • Debris Control
  • Temporary Weather and Security Protection


In addition to self-performing the concrete work on our Construction Management and General Contracting projects, we also perform numerous types of concrete specific projects directly for owners, municipalities, state agencies, program managers and other construction managers. Our corporate culture, which is based upon servicing the end user of a project, provides support to our concrete operational objectives. Our concrete division performs a wide array of concrete services to the construction industry including, Specialty Concrete and Core Concrete Construction.


  • Superflat Concrete Floors
  • Concrete Repair and Restoration
  • Special Surface Treatments and Textures
  • Thermally Controlled Concrete Placements


Our major self performed contribution to a project is the implementation of the concrete work. It is of utmost importance for the concrete work on a project to be installed by a highly motivated, quality conscious team of construction professionals that will set the standard for all of the trades work on the project.All of the design, planning, budgeting and controls that have been finely tuned over the design process deserve a timely and efficient project start. The start of a project is often the start of excavation and placement of the building’s concrete foundations. There is no firm more vested in the successful outcome of their project than ours. There is no firm more qualified to perform the concrete work on their project than ours. There is no firm more capable of performing and delivering the highest quality, competitively priced concrete work, on time, and within budget than ours.


  • Structural Concrete Substructure and Superstructure
  • Pile Caps and Grade Beams
  • Slabs On Grade and Supported Slab Installations
  • Continuous Mass Pour Concrete Placements
  • Concrete Topping of Precast Decking
  • Specialty Floor Coatings and Toppings
  • De-mucking, Mud Mats, Subgrade Soil Stabilization
  • Underground and/or Under Floor Chases and Tunnels
  • Concrete Walks and Bridges
  • Concrete Curbs and Gutters and Pavement Applications

Equipment & Tooling Installation

We provide comprehensive and effective solutions to optimize and coordinate equipment and tooling installation processes for its clients.  Our equipment and tooling team is a specialized group of experts who combine construction skills with industry-specific process equipment expertise. The staff’s knowledge insures the successful integration of building, mechanical and electrical systems with the facility’s equipment and tooling requirements.Our approaches process equipment and tooling installations utilizing the following capabilities:

  • Procurement
  • Installation Management
  • Equipment Logistics, involving Relocation, Transport and Handling
  • Commissioning, Start-Up, Test, Check-Out and Launch
  • Decommissioning Management
  • Construction support (pits, foundations, structural enhancements, MEP system upgrades)

Operations & Maintenance



  • We offer solution options to assist clients in minimizing operating costs and start-up challenges while maximizing building efficiency and performance. Our collaborative and integrated facilities management and solutions team helps guide clients in reducing cost while creating a safe, comfortable and reliable environment for their employees.



  • Analyzing short and long term facility objectives is an important component in developing a successful Facility Operations and Maintenance Program. Considerations include the following:
  • Operating and Maintenance Program Start Up
  • Long Term, 20 to 50 Year Objectives
  • Clearly Identified Benchmark
  • Labor Forecasting by Trade – Utilizing Economical, Efficient and Lean Processes
  • Reports, Deliverables and Maintenance Reviews to Ensure Focus and Accountability
  • A Comprehensive Maintenance Plan, including Schedules, Work Scopes, Trigger Events to involve External Vendor and Consultant Support to Reduce Risk.



  • These services include off site monitoring and management of energy, security and risk.  Nuclear Plant Safety



  • We actively manage warranty issues for clients.  Our warranty management program includes the use of our provided Operations and Maintenance Manuals, As Built Drawings, Warranty and Guarantee Certificates, Contractor/Supplier Directory and System/Equipment Commissioning Records. Our Warranty report call center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with an auto-escalation back-up process for resolution and documentation of all responses. Our warranty management program includes tailored features for each project and is fully transparent, providing a documented record of all warranty issues.



  • Our team of maintenance professionals provides property management services for multi-facility clients along a full spectrum of markets and regions. Although the process is comprehensive, each facility’s maintenance program is unique and specific to the needs and objective of the site.





Utilizing decades of leadership training and experience to help customers bring Lean, Six Sigma, and 5S to the frontline supervisor and worker level. We bridge the gap from academics to implementation.



Zero incident operations don’t happen by accident. Understanding how to integrate hazard identification with efficient risk mitigation in a comprehensive operational plan requires deliberate actions and learned capabilities.

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  • Providing proven leadership traits and principles to customers in a usable and demonstrable manner provides instantaneous results with clear metrics to measure development.



From value stream mapping to work center analysis of capability and development to industrial planning, training and implementation.


CAVU Construction is a SBA Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

CAVU Roncelli, a Joint Venture LLC (Michigan based separate entity formed & owned by CAVU CONSTRUCTION GROUP and Roncelli